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Bungy Pump poles are a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys a meditative walk, but would like the benefit of a proper work out. You can feel how hard your muscles have been working the next day! They are simple to use as well as very light and convenient. They are also great for walking and talking with friends. I had never heard of BungyPump’s before, and am thrilled to have been introduced to them.
Needeya Islam, Australia
My life has been challenged with problems regarding my forearms since the early 90's, which I have had surgery for on six occasions. The last surgery I went through was in the winter of 2011, after that I decided to cope with work life and create a better quality of life for myself. The years had left their mark and the weight gain was now a problem, I had left the category plump and stabilized a presence among the overweight category. A great opportunity arose when I heard of BungyPump, whose unique ability and construction gave a smooth and friction free motion when pressing down the poles, where the built-in suspension and resistance removed the harsh impact from when the poles hit the ground. Said and done, a visit to a sports shop and I was now the proud owner of a 4 kilos BungyPump training poles. The turning point came in 2012, with a phone call on a cold winter day in February that gave me reason to start my journey with my newly bought poles. My friend had to lose weight, around 15 kilos, and I needed to improve my physical strength after my surgery. The first training sessions were extremely tough. There were many times I just wanted to throw the poles away, but shame on those who give up. In late March I was noticeably much stronger than before and could now manage to press down the poles completely and hold against the resistance more often than before. The next turning point was when I purchased a scale and it showed me a weight of 76.8 kilos. Now even more focus was put on training with the poles, and many kilos were about to be fought off. I scheduled about four to five workouts per week in my calendar, and all the way up to midsummer I made an effort to train with my 4 kilos poles. I then allowed myself to have a period of less exercise and more focus on enjoying the summer and the sun, and took walks when I had the desire. In August I resumed training at full capacity, now using the 6 kilos poles that I had received on my 40th birthday from my family. The training sessions were just as many now as they were before, and I began to alternate my walking routes to significantly more challenging alternatives, being more difficult and including more inclines and hills. Despite the weather conditions I was out exercising, and as the weeks went by the numbers on the scale went down. In December of 2012 I had reached my goal weight of 53 kilos. After 10 months of training and becoming 24 kilos lighter, I feel amazingly much healthier. Since I reached my goal I have continued to train with BungyPump about 3-4 times a week and to this day I am at my goal weight. The problems I had with my arms are significantly reduced today, I am no longer addicted to eating pills for my pain and I feel very happy that I can now ride a bike again, which I have not been able to do since the problems occurred. Even my asthma is significantly easier to medicate when it is in a much better condition today. Overall the poles have become a part of my life and they have really meant that I have become healthier and helped me improve my quality of life to a level I never thought was possible.
Pernilla Johansson Wallin, Stockholm 2013
My name is Birgitta Hultgren, I turned 65 this year and this is my experience from using BungyPump. I've lived a good life but had too much stress over a long period of time. This came to have major consequences for my future health. In 2000 everything came crashing down, my body couldn’t keep up anymore, infections appeared constantly and I became bedridden for a number of years. One night in 2003 when I was laying in bed about to sleep, I turned around and suddenly my heart began to rush and beat unevenly - my heart rate was at 100/140 beats/min and my breathing at 30/min. Since then there have been many problems with my heart fibrillation and I’ve gone through four heart operations. Last summer I did no longer get as it’s called “episodes” of fibrillation, but it became chronically ie constant without any breaks. This meant that I couldn’t physically move very much because it resulted in difficulty breathing. In the beginning of summer of this year I was with a good friend who told me about BungyPump. I noticed that she had great posture and had gotten some very good looking upper arms, and she told me how great she thought BungyPump training poles were. I bought myself a pair of poles and at first I couldn’t do very long walks, but eventually I got better and better, it became easier to breathe, easier to pick up speed and get into the swing. I can now walk much more, both with poles and without, and have managed to walk for an entire hour with my BungyPump poles. Even if it feels difficult, it’s important to be moving and stay physically active because I know that the health benefits from it are so great, especially when it comes to losing weight, which is also beneficial for the heart. My resting heart rate is 55 beats / min and breathing at rest is 7-8 pcs / min. So folks, deal with your health in time and do not wait for diseases but instead plan for a healthy and long life without diseases and medication.
Birgitta Hultgren, Stockholm 2013
Ich liebe meine BungyPump-Stöcke. Jetzt habe ich an den Hügeln mehr Tempo und ich merke wirklich, wie viel mehr meine Power Walking-Touren mir einbringen, der Oberkörper wird trainiert und die Arme werden enorm fest!
Anna Skipper, Ernährungsberaterin, Köchin für gesunde Ernährung und Coach
Ich sage nur: Whow!!! Es war ein VÖLLIG NEUES Trainingserlebnis und außerdem wirken sie unglaublich funktional, weil man mit den BungyPump Walking-Stöcken wirklich den GANZEN Körper trainiert.
Anna Book, Teilnehmerin eines Fitnesscamps
Wir in der Rückenklinik von Härnösand verwenden die BungyPump-Stöcke in der Rehabilitation sowie als Bewegungsgerät mit dem Ziel, bei jeder Trainings-/Bewegungseinheit auf schonende Weise einen so großen Teil des Körpers wie möglich zu aktivieren.
Per-Arne Forsberg, staatl. zugelassener Naprapath
Das ist keine schlechte Sache. BungyPump sind super an Steigungen. Es ist, als ob man im Schnee, Sand oder im Moor gehen würde. Man muss wirklich mehr mit den Armen und Schultern arbeiten als bei normalen Stöcken.
Blossom Tainton-Lindquist, beim Rundfunksender Rix Megapol
Ich habe nur Positives über BungyPump zu sagen. Die Stöcke der Firma bewirken ein gutes Training des Oberkörpers. Man muss beim Gehen ordentlich mit den Armen wegdrücken.
Martin Lidberg, zertifizierter Coach und Ideengeber
Unglaublich gut! BungyPump ist wirklich eine Überraschung. Das Trainieren macht enorme Freude, man steigert die Kondition und erhöht den Blutkreislauf. Jetzt habe auch ich angefangen, mit Nordic Walking-Stöcken zu gehen, mit Bungy Pump Walking.
Susan Lanefelt, TV-Fitnesstrainerin