Mittwoch, Mai 7, 2014 - 08:46

The European champion in kickboxing and boxing Iwona Guzowska from Poland - is testing BungyPump poles with Olgierd Bojke - the president of the Polish Nordic Walking Federation.


Dienstag, April 15, 2014 - 08:18
Follow the participants struggle to lose weight and have a better lifestyle. In this week,  episode number 5, the turquoise team is using Bungy Pump poles in their workout. 

After 37 minutes in the episode you can see the clip 


Freitag, April 11, 2014 - 14:27

BungyPump will participate and exhibit at the Walking Lugano event the 27th of April in Lugano.

Visit the walking day and take the chance to try BungyPump training poles with built in suspension and resistance.


Read more about the event here!


Mittwoch, April 9, 2014 - 11:40

"To be honest with you, when I first received this I was a little skeptical. Standing still, the resistance of the bungee poles up and down sliding motion didn’t seem very strenuous, and I thought it simply going to be more of an inconvenience. WRONG! My opinion soon changed after I took these guys out on a hike around San Francisco’s parks."


Lauren Rains, editor, Outdoor Minded Mag. 



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